Thursday, March 12, 2015

Paving the way to peace is one happy discovery

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) was introduced in the Philippines, particularly in Bohol Province a few weeks after the fated 7.2 earthquake. After almost two years, AVP was shared to almost 100 participants who experienced a non-threatening and life-changing workshop; supporting people to deal with conflict and violent situations.

The AVP Mandala

Advanced AVP Workshop Participants in their closing day @ the UB IRC

I was in the pioneer AVP Philippine batch.  We did the workshops in between aftershocks.  We went through it all.  I was the only participant who was not connected with the Provincial Government.  It was a good space to meet more people and listen to their stories.

Then the opportunity to participate in an international peace workshop came.  I did not hesitate to say yes to it because it would nourish myself and makes me more into a better person that I strive to be.  It is also a good space for me to experience the culture of Indonesia and those of other countries.  I look forward to relish the chance of being fully present for the other despite language or cultural barrier... Most of all, I look forward to being a participant!

I am indeed grateful and excited...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In tribute to women and the arts

We did it!  for the past five years, the Baji Arts Collective celebrated women's month through the arts...  Baji is an all-Boholana Arts Collective of both literary and visual artists based in and outside Bohol.  A clip of some of the stunning works...

\What makes you happy by Vida Tirol de Juan

Still Life by Chrisylli Mitzi Ibaya (oil in canvass)

Ngano'ng di kaangkas si inday?  by Nuevas T. Montes (acryllic)

Unsaon Pagmugna?  by Jhacky Curambao

But-anay ba diay? by Rossa Shiels Cafe

The exhibit runs until March 20.  Some of the works are on sale...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Las Flores de Bohol

A flower for good work, good deeds and good thoughts...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Can I tempt you with my childhood game?
That of gleaning shells from the shorelines
When the shells I gather will serve as bribe at dusk?
And then those shells will land on our table with an extra sermon from mom,
Never to go to the sea without a ‘proper’ chaperone…
But I know, I know.  I can’t just tempt you this time.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The tempest is here

Here we are again at the peak of the horizons
Debating where to go
Where the tides led us and our bloods brought us

Here, at a vantage point we were excited and calm
We tried hard to listen and listened very hard.
I heard generations of sadness, struggles, those of hopes.
At least, those were the sighs I heard…

A tempest may be coming soon.
Interestingly, no one was there to pacify the brewing wind.
It was all but questions and unseen questions.

Avocado Faces

Fr. Chalerm, Thailand -- he is the oldest.  He didn't stay at Avocado.  He was in Singapore House.
This rosary-wielding guy helped us a lot.  He made sure we got into the proper buses and places...

Ching at the blue mansion

Bee and Hawnan, Thailand.  They stayed at Avocado in different generations...

inter-generational catching up

with Aloy, the man of the week

Jim, Aki-Japan, Teresa


Vangie (avocado friend) Ching - HK


Ann and Ching

I was an Avocado baby.  I was the third occupant of #20 Avocado Road.  It was Sanjay who showed me the ropes and tips in surviving such a 'far-flung' place.

Three years from now, Avocado  will celebrate 20 years of  student movement vibrancy.  It witnessed interlocking smiles, sighs, cries and shouts.  But for me, it witnessed decades-old growing and learning...

In fact, in June 23rd, the grandest Avocado reunion was held in Penang, Malaysia to coincide with the presbyteral ordination of Fr. Tan Yih Soo.

Ruki - IYCS, Teresa -IMCS with Rory, local IMCS of Penang

with Msgr. Stephen Liew, VG of Penang Diocese, a long-time friend of Avocado

Myra, IMCS staff admin - a room mate

Helena, Avocado friend

Friday, May 18, 2012

For if we live in the past

The ripple continues.
Others may call it shedding tears.  Well, lamentations of old.
We hold on tightly or hole up.

We get closer to all the shoulda and coulda
We became an expert of the mistaken shrouds of reality built and strengthened.

Still, it is a fallacy...